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Edit presence priority


I’m all new to spark/openfire.
I have brand my own install and so on, got it to work with LDAP etc but now I’m stuck at two things.

Presence and hybrid authentication, but let’s stick to presence now.

Is it possible to change spark/openfire to handle for example DND messages as offline messages?
I don’t want to advice users to exit there spark just to avoid getting messaged in a meeting, cause right now it just push the message right to the user screen regardless what status there in.

I read that if the client session priority is negative openfire doesn’t deliver the message, so is it possible to change the default presence and their priorities?

And one more question about presence, is it possible to make a “super user” that’s allowed to change all users presence though XMPP or do they have to authenticate them self?

Why I ask is because we have LDAP connection and our phone central can make the connection to the AD and control all the presences from the exchange server and we don’t want to add all the user information to phone central software.

There is no option to queue messages while in DND. There is a long standing ticket for this feature, but noone has provided a patch for this yet. SPARK-1026. The only workaround i can think of is to set Invisible status (available in the latest Spark builds), but this is very similar to Offline, though you can still see others. But you will still get a message if someone tries to send an offline message to you. Setting status priority to -1 doesn’t affect incoming messages.

There is also no way to say presence for other users.