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Editing the HSQLDB Database

Where can i go to edit the content of the HSQLDB?

I should clarify i do not want to edit it through the web interface i cause i cant remove content from there rather i would like to open the database with sqllite and view and edit the content

Hi Rozey,

stop Openfire and then look in your openfire/bin/extra directory for embedded-db-viewer.sh or .bat. It should allow to view and edit the database.


can you view information on users in there i am trying to get ride of our users telephone numbers, but some numbers have gone away after removing the query in openfire and removing them from active directory since we use ldap to pull in there information but the boss does not want personal phone numbers on there and i have to get them out asap!

Hi Kyle,

you should first edit the LDAP vCard mapping and remove there the “…” sections which you want to hide. I assume that you did set it up according to vCard Mappings for Active Directory for Openfire 3.6.x and above.

There’s no need to remove all “…” sections, you could keep


I don’t know whether Openfire does store a copy of the vCard locally, if this is the case then you need to edit the vCards and this is more easy using a text editor than SQL. Stop Openfire and backup the embedded-db folder. Then edit the openfire.log and openfire.script files and search there for “” and remove the content which should not be visible. As a vCard is stored as an XML document you should take care to remove “…”, otherwise the vCard may become invalid XML.

Then start Openfire again, everything should then work as expected.