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Effect of changing server name


We started using kraken in order to use the yahoo messenger transport. Initially it worked pretty fine and we were able to chat with our yahoo buddies from openfire (after registering). But we had to change the server name in the openfire, but after that the yahoo stopped working. The scenerio was something like this:

a. ealier the server name was like abc.com and the yahoo transport worked with yahoo.abc.com perfectly fine

b. now we have changed the server name in openfire and it is def.com, yahoo transport under openfire->admin console->Server->Gateways->Transports->Yahoo now shows as yahoo.def.com, but while the strophe.js is connected to the openfire we receive the following against one of the requests intially:


please note that the jid still says yahoo.abc.com instead of yahoo.def.com and the response of next request is:

why is it still using yahoo.abc.com, when we can see under the console it says yahoo.def.com and the test connection returns success over there (admin console of openfire).

Your help would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards