ej-Technology grants install4j license to the Spark community


ej-Technologies has granted a multi-plattform license of install4j to the Spark community. The community developers gladly accept the donation to the project. This will give all core developers of Spark the opportunity to use the features of install4j for during the development of the Spark installer.

Install4j is the installation plattform for Spark since many years and has helped to provide multi-plattform support and great integration in the operation systems.

About ej-Technologies:
ej-technologies GmbH was founded in 2001 as a privately held company and specializes in solutions that help programmers make the most of their own applications. With its focused expertise in the areas of performance and deployment, ej-technologies is developing the next generation of enterprise application development tools.

If you have any questions regarding install4j and it’s usage during the Spark development, please contact me via community mail.

Kind regards,

Walter Ebeling

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Great Thanks, ej-technologies!

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Amazing, its not easy to work with other softwares. I´m using izpack + lauch4j to create my branded spark version, distributing with an msi package build on advanced installer(free) , nice hun?

Good to see the core developers work with install4j as standard

Hi. have you been able to achieve a proper icon for launch4j when grouping in the task bar of windows is activated? Currently l4j will use the Spark flame, but after grouping several windows in the task bar, l4j will change to the default Java icon.

Is there anything special in your branded version of Spark that could be of interest for Spark? Can you share your build.xml and the configurations for advanced installer, launch4j and izpack?

I´ll work this and share in the community.

About the icons, with the izpack i make the .jar installer and the launch4j build an executable file who uses the icon file on resources folder… i just replace the icon