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Ejabberd or jive messenger with jwchat

hi …

I am trying to setup a web based chat system for my site. I have two things to be done.

  • Enable the users of my system to be automatically logged into the chat

  • Save all the messages and generate reports

well i installed ejabberd and jive messenger. I want to use jwchat (because it is browser based). But i have some issues with the servers.

  • ejabberd is very flexible with jwchat because it directly supports http polling.

But i dont understand where is the database for ejabberd and where all the

messages and userinfo is stored and how can i acces it…??

  • coming to jive messenger it has browser based admin support to create

external databases but i really dont understand how to configure the http

binding thing with jwchat. Though there are installation steps in many places, i

need some thing that can give me baby steps to configure it.

so which is the best way to go…I really need help on this. Eagerly awaiting any ideas…


please check this thread:



Why did you posted your message twice? :s

I already replied to your question in next thread: http://www.jivesoftware.org/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=15409&tstart=0&start=30

Locking this thread since sanderd already replied to this question.