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EJabberd or MongooseIM or OpenFire

Hello all,

I’m trying to create a chat service. That supports the basic functionalities like creating an account, search contact, chatting etc.,. I found many tutorials like ejabberd, mongoose etc.,. Now i’m confused in some perspectives. I list one by one.

Scalability : I’ve gone through some blogs. The information i found is ejabberd can support 2 million concurrent users where as mongoose 500k concurrent users and open fire is 50k like that. I’m not sure whether these informations are trustworthy.

Features : I’ve tried to create my own java console program using smack. I’ve managed to make a simple chat between by console program and adium client. But i couldn’t retrieve the chat history or offline messages like that. I tried mod_mam, offline managers etc.,. I couldn’t find a proper documentation or may need more assistance in that.

What i need right now is easy to understand documentations for ejabberd features like retrieving offline messages, chat history. And to decide which is the best chat server to use.

Please help me. Thanks in advance.

You should ask in ejabberd forums/mailing lists about ejabberd. Scalability is a tricky question with no template answer for every situation… you can read this on Openfire Explanation: scalability, system requirements
I know that Openfire can support more than 50k, but that depends on usage and system resources.

You should ask questions about your client in Smack forum, if you are using Smack library. Will get more looks that way.

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Thank you so much @wroot.

also you might take into consideration ease of management. openfire is really easy to setup and manage. its writen in java, so if your a java guy, you might find it easier to modify and add features. Openfire also has the plugin architecture to extend it.
Unfortunally I can’t speak for the others.

Ah, our resident PR guy :wink:

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