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Ejabberd sandbox security

I’‘ve noticed a similar thread but thought I’'d start one here with my findings on XIFF 3 and ejabberd. Running it in security sandbox locally is no problem but even with the crossdomain.xml policy in place it will not run when deployed online triggering an #2048 sandbox security error.

I suppose this is an ejabberd specific problem as its not an issue on wildfire or other servers. Any thoughts on how to resolve this – can it be proxied in any way?

Thanks for your thoughts!


Hey Peter: Haven’‘t tried ejabberd myself, but if I get a chance I’'ll let you know.

Why should it be a ejabberd specific problem?

I’'m currently experiencing the same problem with ejabberd & flex 2. I thought I had read some where that you can set up the jabber server to deliver the crossdomain in some sneaky way?

you can server it from any http server with the same domain. or let the crossdomain.xml get served by ejabberd built-in webserver (i haven’'t tried it).

unfortunatly xiff is not standard compliant an will not authenticate with ejabberd…