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Email address updating

We have an Openfire server v 3.4.3, integrated with Active Directory. We added a new user to AD and gave her an incorrect email address. She used Spark for a day until we noticed it. I corrected the email in AD, and it shows up as corrected in the OpenFire User Summary list, but in the Spark client at least one user still sees her old email address. When should this update? Do the Spark clients need to be closed/reopened? Workstations rebooted? OpenFire restarted? I’ve never worked with OpenFire before–does it use LDAP queries to AD? Any way to force the Spark client to refresh its contact info?

The spark client should refresh periodically throughout the day. The quick way to force a refresh is to exit the program and relaunch. As long as the server has the correct info spark should get it on next launch.

Hey Manuel,

From your description it seems like the Spark client is caching the vCard of the user you modified his email. Most probably after restarting Spark the cache content will be gone and content should be updated during the next login.

– Gato