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Email Integration

Is there a way to setup openfire/spark so that, if a person is offline, the message will forward to the person’s email?


As far as I know not yet, but that would be nice feature to have, not critical though

There is no such option in Openfire. Though, there is email sending mechanism in Openfire. You can check it in Server > Server Manager> Email Settings. I was able to connect it to my ISP smtp server and have successfully sent a test email. So, you need a plugin which will use this mailing API, but on the other hand you will need to code some kind of packet interceptor, which will intercept offline messages, or maybe it can just read then from the offline messages table and then sent through smtp server. Anyway, Openfire is an instant messaging server and it can store offline messages for further review by offline users, so i don’t think emailing should be one of the core functionalities. Anyone is free to create they custom plugins to extend core functionalities, though.

Have you come across a plugin for this? I’m interested as well.