Email notification, database refreshing and groups


I’m working in a school and I’m pretty new in the world of jabber.

We are less or more 150 users to use our mail server and I’ve setup a ldap server and migrate every users into it (thanks ldap migration tools).

I’ve setup an OpenFire server and it’s working pretty good :wink:

It’s using OpenLDAP backend to authenticate users.

To avoid all problems, I’ve pre populated the tables ofRoster and ofRosterGroup for people to have all the same users and groups, I also disabled registration. I made a script that read /etc/passwd and /etc/group and fill those tables accordingly. The script runs every nights and restart the server at the end (if you need it, I can provide it).

I have some questions for you guys, I hope you’ll help me:

  • Is it possible to reload the roster without restarting the server ? (emptying the cache doesn’t change anything)

  • Is it possible to have an email notification (like in google chat)… I explain… is it possible for every user to have a kind of popup that warn them that they have a new email ? (We are using imap).

  • What’s the best way to handle groups in users in OpenFire ? I’ve imported users and groups from my system and all my users belong to ‘no group’ when I look their details in OpenFire.

Thanks for any help you can bring me :slight_smile:


If you are using LDAP as you say you should setup your groups in LDAP. Openfire will use them. Also all teh stuff you are doing nightly is not needed, if you configure your system correctly. You can autopopulate rosters via the openfire group sharing. Users and groups cannot be created by clients because of your LDAP setup. Openfire is read-only to LDAP so no user has the ability to create accounts orr groups. Email notification would require the writing of a plugin. There is no such plugiin that I am aware of that does this.

Hello Todd,

Thanks for your answer.

If you are using LDAP as you say you should setup your groups in LDAP.

For LDAP,Is openfire using primary group or secondary group in ldap ?

I have imported groups AND users in the LDAP directory, but OpenFire only see ‘no group’ all the time.

About the roster sharing, where to find documentation ? It’s the first time I hear that thing !

And about the plugin, it’s sad that it doesn’t exist


did you take a look at ? And there at the Email Listener Plugin? I would say that “The email listener plugin is a service that connects to an email server using IMAP and forwards new email messages to specified users.” sounds fine. It’s not exactly what you are looking for, but as it is open source one should be able to adjust it within a few hours.