Emails to clearspace not making it for me


The last handful of emails I have sent to the forum haven’t shown up here. Perhaps they are getting marked as spam or something, I dunno. Anybody else having issues?


daryl (

When would you say this started? Do you happen to have some emails from before it stopped working to compare with some from now? (just in case something like the from or something changed)

Thanks for the response. my email response to this hasn’t appeared yet , it very well could be a spam rating from Iowa State’s email server, which is a quasi open-relay

Anyway, I emailed you privately the first email that failed for me, on 22 August.


To me personally? They yes, I think you are getting blocked. =( I never got your Aug 22nd one.

Thanks daniel. yeah, I sent it to your jivesoftware email address. Oh well, I’ll use the RTE