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Embed server name and certification settings

I am implementing spark across our domain of about 300 users. I have installed the software on the first 5 or so and everything is fine. A colleague of mine made a point that having to ignore the certificate and input the server name each time we do the installation. Is there anyway to embed this into the installer so we just have to put in the username and password when we set them up?


Not into installer. Servername can be added into default.properties file inside the spark.jar, then you will have to distribute modified file to all PCs with some script. Spark default.properties guide (updated)

Certificate options could be added to spark.properties, which is stored in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spark\ for every user. You can prepare this file with settings you need (you can also add servername there). You will then have to distribute it to your users PCs with some script. To prepare it, just setup spark on one PC with a user and all the settings. Then edit that file and remove user and password information.

Unattended Spark installation (via shutdown script GPO)