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Embedded HSQLDB Databse

How can I delete this database? I’‘ve installed openfire via rpm on CentOS. I screwed up the admin password and tried to remove it to clear the database. I did rpm -e openfire then rm -rf /opt/openfire and when I reinstall the setup doesn’'t come up, just the admin console login.

sh embedded-db-viewer.sh

Starting embedded database viewer…

java: relocation error: /lib/tls/libpthread.so.0: symbol errno, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time reference


if you just want to set a new admin password then shut down Openfire and open path-to-openfire/embedded-db/openfire.script and look for the line

INSERT INTO JIVEUSER VALUES(’‘admin’’,NULL,’‘ashdkjhsakd’’,…) and change the first three fields to

INSERT INTO JIVEUSER VALUES(’‘admin’’,’‘mynewpassword’’,NULL,…)

If you have another normal user where you still know the password you can edit conf/openfire.xml and add it to the “authorizedUsernames”.

If you want to run the whole setup again change “” in conf/openfire.xml and delete all files in embedded-db/ - a new database should be created during startup.


It’‘s the embedded-db location which I seek. /opt/openfire/embedded-db doesn’‘t exist. find / -name embedded-db didn’‘t return any results either. I can’‘t use the /opt/openfire/bin/embedded-db-viewer.sh script since it requires a GUI and I’'m going this all on a dedicated server via SSH.

Thank you for your reply, anyways.


on the DB page http://server:9090/server-db.jsp you should find the right path within “DB Connection URL: jdbc:hsqldb:/…/embedded-db/openfire”

.oO(This does not help you if you don’'t have an admin account to login)


Indeed, I cannot login. It’‘s definitely not in /opt/openfire because after rpm -e openfire’'ing I did rm -rf /opt/openfire.


the setup doesn’'t come up, just the admin console login.

Edit conf/opendifre.xml and set - this will run the setup again.


Thanks a lot!

Wait, nevermind. I just checked that file, there is no " (used grep).

Sorry for not trying before posting it as correct!


do you see the conf/openfire.xml file or are you missing this file as well?

find / -type f -name “openfire.xml” 2>&1

should find it for you while

find / -type f -name “openfire.script” 2>&1

should locale your embedded database.


find / -type f -name “openfire.xml” 2>&1


find / -type f -name “openfire.script” 2>&1

But there’'s no thing in openfire.xml.

I’m using Openfire-3.3.2-1-i386.rpm.

Somehow the setup works again. I don’t know what happened, but I sure am glad!

I guess this time now that I’ve made an evaluation account the rpm was different from where I originally got it because openfire.xml had <setup>true</setup>.