Embedded vs External Database performance

I am running Openfire 3.5, soon to be 3.5.1. When I ran through the initial configuration I opted for the embedded database, but now that I am getting ready to put the server into production, I am wondering if I would be better of installing MSSQL and migrating to that.

To that end. Is there a significant performance improvement using an external database vs the embedded one? Is there an migration path from the embedded database to an external one, or do I need to start over if I choose to use an external database?

Thanks in advance for your time.


The biggest issue that swayed me to MySQL on windows was tha ability to run backups as scheduled tasks. This allows not only for quick failure recovery by relocation to a new server if the need arises. You can not easily do any of those thing with the embeded database. I chose MySQL because the price is right and it is not platform specific so I can move the database to any machine at anytime with out concern. If you have lots of users external SQL will be a bettter performer for you as well.

I won’t have a lot of people pulling data, but I will have about 300 users connected via Spark. Or at least that’s my plan at this point.

Thanks for the help again. MH

That is not a lot but that will still be 300 rosters, 300 avatars, many chats, etc. I would go with the external.

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Hi mtstravel,

the embedded database is more easy to backup than MySQL or any other database. A simple file copy is usually enough. Only if a checkpoint occurs during backup one will get an unusable backup.

If one has no idea how to install, configure, backup and restore a (MySQL) database one may really want to use the embedded one.


A simple file copy is usually enough.

Huh, you should use mysqlhotcopy or similar scripts. This does basically nothing else than copy the files, but it does lock and flush the tables before copying.

“cp -r … or tar -czf …” for HSQLB - - - “mysqlhotcopy” for MySQL

Oh, sorry…I should read your posts more carefully.

In windows MySQL has very good tools to automate backups via a gui. Extremely simple to use and little chance of error.


are they have any issues?

No, no issues. 60% of users use MySQL

(source of this info: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/poll.jspa?pollID=1013 )

Oh, sorry…I should read your posts more carefully.

Only mine? There was a question about MS-SQL which 8 % of the users are using according to the poll. (;