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Guys you have to find or create some sort of easy to use emoji app. I would pay for emoji’s if you had some to download and a tool to load them. Even better some gifs within texts would hurt… this is 2016. If there is something out there which will allow me to install emojis into spark please share. Thanks - other than I think its a great product for IT depts in business

yes, I really hate that I can’t IM my boss a poop emoji…

I do see your point. It would be nice to update the emojis. Unfortunately, spark development has very limited resources at the moment. Those limited resources are being used towards high priority issues.

If you have any resources available to you, like java developers; we welcome any and all help we can get to improve the app.

I think you’d find people would pay for these add one thus giving you more resources… you’d be surprised.

I doubt it. Main Spark audience is corporate users who get Spark from their IT departments. Anyway, we are not here to make money from Spark. We are volunteers making our money on our real jobs Spark\Openfire is free open-source software without any paid features.

Thanks np - but survey users sometime and see what you get… might be worth it. Either way thanks for letting me know

We can’t survey them in Spark. We do polls on this site sometimes and 5-6 users reply usually Only admins go here, users usually not.

I’m not very keen on stickers. But if someone makes support for a few emojis, i’m not opposed. Patches are welcomed

Please please please more emojis.

Quick communication is the key, and the more emojis you have, the easier it is to express both emotions and message all at once.

Spark IM rocks! Spark would rock even more (maybe even Rock & Roll) if it had more emoji’s.

Seriously . . . I get it that there are other priorities, but if I did have a java programmer on my team, I would put them on this for you. And if y’all can find a way to make it happen, know the increase in joy and smug grins that it will bring to IT teams everywhere.

Thanks again.

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Producing emojis needs an artist/designer, not a java programmer. Unless you are asking to steal someone’s work and put it into Spark. Every emoji is someone’s work and not every art is free. As i’ve said, patches are welcome. There are no active developers working on Spark, so emojis is not a priority for sure.

10-4. Misunderstanding on my part based on Speedy’s comment. If I were anything more than low-knowledge Spark user, I would be glad to contribute to Spark, but with things as they are, I will retreat and stay out of your way. Apologies for your trouble.