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Emoticons - Adding

I am trying to add new emoticon packages to spark but it says its not a valid emoticon package. Anyone know where I can get more emoticons?

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What picture format are the emoticons? Did you verify that the emoticons.plist (the xml list) is valid for your files?

How do you know if they are valid for your files?

You would need to either create a new xml file or edit an existing one from the other emoticon sets to match your new graphics.

yea Im not sure how to do that lol.

Once you create your graphics for the set edit the attached file to match your graphics names. Then create a new zip archive with all the files in folder, within the archive.
Emoticons.plist (5855 Bytes)

So I gather a bunch of emoticons. Name them. Rename the names in the .plist to match, then zip them up?

Does that sound right?

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i have personally done just this. gone in and renamed the files but am not having sucess in adding in new emoticons. i have tried jpeg, gif, and png. with no sucess.

i know this is an old post maybe some one can help. i have been searching for days with no help or just people showing off what they have for emoticons. less on how to add them

When you add new emoticons, you have to also add them into Emoticons.plist file, with the expression which should trigger them. You can view this ticket (see attached zip) and compare original POPO emoticon set with the updated one. SPARK-1540

Is there any documentation on all the steps and requirements for creating a emoticon pack?

There is none, and honestly, it is not so complex to require one.

Any chance that there would be something created in the future to simplify the process? I know most people won’t want to be bothered with editing the .plist, move files around, editing logon scripts, etc. A centralized way to manage them would be nice. Just a suggestion.

I doubt it will ever be. First of all, Spark development is currently dead. And personally i think there are more pressing issues and interesting features than doing a centralized emoticons management. Also, it would include infrastructure work (hosting emoticons) or changes to Openfire (if you want to manage them in the Admin Console). There are only a few volunteers keeping an eye on the services here (well, and one from the Jive).

All we can do is to include your created pack in the next Spark build, so it would be a bit easier to distribute, with the new Spark version installation.