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Employee Attandence through Openfire

Dear List

I have a sceneio for openfire that is I want to take daily attandance by using openfire, every employee login using his/her account to openfire using Spark. For this purpose I need help.

Have any one tried this before or is there any repoting tool available for this purpose.


Shahzad Abid

The openfire server would have to write to the database certain information that I just don’t think it currently does. If the openfire server wrote into the database (at a minimum) the first time all users logged in every day and the last time that they logged out, then you could get them coming and going, but as far as I can tell that information is not availabe in the database. If it were, you could have someone write a php script that would query the database for that info and see when the users first logged in and when they last logged out…

That info could be useful from an auditing standpoint. Maybe you could ask for it as a product improvement… Then you could have soemone write that sctipt for you…