Enabling chat with more than one user using smack


I am able to connect to gtalk and facebook server.I can also get the presence of users.Right now I can chat with one person at a time.But I want to chat with more than one users at a time(private chat)

Is it possible to have private chat with more than one users at a time using smack??


You just create a chat via the ChatManager to each destination. Each chat should have its own message listener as well to distinguish them from each other.

Hi!! I am trying to connect to gtalk and facebook. What have you done to do it?? What kind of JID do you use for the facebook contacts??

Thank you!!


Gtalk uses digestMD5 mechanism where as facebook be authenticated with 2 methods-DigestMD5 or facebook s platform authentication.Facebook JID consists of a negative number to each user(e.g.-1127183782371234@chat.facebook.com)

connection.getRoster() gives you the JID of the your friends.Go through the smack documentation which easily tells you how to authenticate with the facebook and gtalk server.

Hi!! Thanks for your answer. I want to talk to fb users and gtalk users and I am quite new to this (in fact I have no idea, just started…). The “only” thing you need is a proper client that allows you to talk to fb and gtalk using your own fb and gtalk accounts? I found somewhere a way to include your fb contacts in gtalk via PSI client using an agent. But I guess this is another issue…

Thanks. Bye!!