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Enabling or Disabling Contact Groups in Spark with LDAP (AD) Connection


is there any chance, how can Spark users change their view of contacts in roster:

  1. in Groups as they are now,

  2. without groups or in one big group sorting by name?

Probably problem can be in LDAP connection of our Openfire Server. I spent much time with setting this and with setting our Active Directory so that contacts in Spark Messenger are sorting by Groups (locations) and users can´t add or delete any of colleague contact and everybody see everyone´s (I think it is great company solution). I attach picture of my Spark*.

Everyone was happy, but now, my chief want set what I wrote above :slight_smile:

I don´t want change Active Directory Groups settings and Group setting of all other users too. Even I don´t want solve this problem in that my chief must every contact move manually to some new Group including possible new contacts I made on Active Directory.

Any solution?



*) foto on picture is not of me :slight_smile:

Not an answer - just having the same problem:

My boss wants to have the contacts just sorted by name without the groups.

(I also have automatically sorted the users into AD groups)

No option to turn off grouping contacts?

You can create a group in your AD and put everyone in it.

Share the group with everyone.

Or you can use local groups

Set the system property provider.group.className = org.jivesoftware.openfire.group.DefaultGroupProvider

After that, when you go in your groups (in the openfire console) you can create the groups however you want them and populate them as you wish.

It’s easier to have the groups in the AD, it is more dynamic, but you have the choice.

This is not solution for me. Only one new checkbox in spark menu (similar as Contacts -> Group Offline users) and thats it. Something like “show users in groups” …

no solution for me as well.

I want the AD groups 99% of my Users want to have them sorted in team groups.

its just the 1% (who unfortunately has the position to request this feature) who wants to see every user unsorted.

Miranda has such a button “show users in groups”.

cant you just add/create an everyone group?

Please read the posts before you suggest anything.

Actually i have filed such feature request 4 years ago - SPARK-996. So if anyone would provide a patch for this…