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Encryptation Messages

Hello, Good day

I need your help to decrypt messages a couple of users trying to make a fraud, for that reason we need the information as evidence.

Would greatly appreciate your input as I have not found anything concerning, and as you will realize it is very important.

If you are talking about OTR encrypted messages, then this should be nearly impossible. There would be no point in having OTR if it could be easily decrypted. Also, i don’t think you will find such help here.

I appreciate your time and the Answer, now to prevent, you know if there is any way to disable the lock spark, which causes it to send encrypted messages. as this is what ocaciono that right now can not see the messages. locally or from the server.

You can remove OTR plugin from Spark installation folder

C:\Program Files (x86)\Spark\plugins\otrplug.jar



Also, per this document instructions you can add OTR to plugins blacklist in default.properties file and then distribute customized spark.jar to clients.


thank you very much, it was very useful your help, I’ll do what I comets.