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Encryption between Adium and Spark (PC vs. Mac)


The encryption is working beautifully when 2 clients using Spark are in a private conversation, however, if one of them is using Spark, adn the other is using Adium (for MAC), the code looks like the following when the encryption is turned on:

(13:10) Dani: tio

(13:10) Dani: it doesnt work?

(13:10) Tom: hello

(13:10) Dani: hola tio

(13:10) Tom: you see all the markup?

(13:10) Dani: ahhh

(13:10) Dani: yes

(13:11) Tom: what client are you using?

(13:11) Dani: Spark

Any ideas how to fix this?

I found this statement in Adium’s Bug tracker:

Adium’s behavior here is correct: OTR messages have to be encoded with UTF-8 and may contain HTML markup. If other clients show these tags literally, then those clients need to be fixed.

Thanks in advance
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