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Enforcing PGP (otr) server side possible?

Hi Guys,

What I am trying to achieve is to somehow enforce a policy in which end users cannot use my openfire server to communicate unless they are communicating using OTR plugin on their side, OTR is a plugin that is available for various jabber clients.

I realize that this is something more client side compatible but my question is how possible would this be?

You would have to write your own Openfire plugin to enforce the behavior, as well as likely a Spark (client-side) plugin so that you can enforce this from your openfire admin page.

What are you trying to accomplish? OTR just means it’s encrypting chats so the server can’t log them, etc. Why not just set Openfire to not allow non-SSL/TLS/encrypted connections, and then turn logging of chats off? This way, you dont leave it up to a client to follow your policy, the server enforces it.