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Enterprise Openfire


How many concurrent users are supported by OpenFire Enterprise edition ? I can find that info for free edition from below mentioned link.


Please let me know, where I can find details about “Enterprise Openfire’s Features”. I like to know the additional features offered by Enterprise edition.


Hey Mari,

The Enterprise plugin was a long ago deprecated and made open source. Today we made the last remaining piece of it open source as announced here. Having said that, the number of simultaneous users you can have connected to the server will depend on the activity that they are doing while connected, the hardward that you are using, the network settings, etc. In our lab tests from a few years ago, we got up to 500K simultaneous connected users with a cluster of 2 nodes. Those users where chatting and changing their presences. For more information about the those tests you can search in the forums.


– Gato

Gato, Thanks a lot.

Gato, other users are questioning these tests results. How long were you running these tests and with what software and… scripts? Some users face problems (memory leaks, etc.) after running load tests longer.

Hey wroot,

I don’t remember exactly the details of the test now but iirc the load test scripts were running for an hour or so. The load test scripts were implemented in Smack. Smack scripts were running from several “slave” machines (e.g. 10) and each on simulating a high number of virtual users.

Are they seeing memory leaks or just running out of memory? When playing with load tests it is easy to run out of memory and that is not necessarily a leak. For instance, the rate of incoming traffic is much higher than the rate of processing traffic. That will eventually fill up the MINA queue and consume all the server’s memory. For that reason I created the loadstats plugin where you can see some internals of the server to figure out what is going on.


– Gato

I was referring to this thread (using Tsung i think) http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/196861 And there is a link to other thread where Guus is trying to fix some nasty memory leak. And it can be also related to that Openfire is not closing broken sessions.