Enterprise plugin license

Is there any set date on when a perpetual license file will be released for the Enterprise Plugin, or should I be upgrading to the new web and fastpath plugins? I read the Read Me for fastpath, so I got the instruction on an upgrade. Just wondering if there was a time frame for a license.

Hey Jeff,

The Enterprise Edition plugin will be maintained for the Openfire 3.5.* series. As of Openfire 3.6.* the Enterprise Edition will no longer be maintained and instead people will have to migrate to the open source plugins plus the clustering plugin. Because of that, we are not planning to provide a perpetual license for the Enterprise Edition.


– Gato

OK, so seeing as I have three days on the eval license I should move my test server to the various plugins for web/fastpath/monitoring then. Thanks for the answer Gato.

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I have been working with the Enterprise plugin for the last week and it was very stable. Now with the end of the trial license period I have been working at placing the plugins for monitoring, webchat, and fastpath on to the server. The Web chats (Sparkplug and Fastpath) will not work now, the monitoring is working but the Client management that was stated as being out is still missing and that changed all my users bookmarks so they are missing.

I have removed the Enterprise plugin to keep that from confusing the issue but no change. Is there any way another license can be issued to carry those of us who need a stable release of the Enterprise features? I am not interested in the clustering or any of the features that need licenses.


I may be wrong, but I think that I am correct. back in the old Wildfire 2.5 days, there was a plugin that allowed you to track Spark and upload the latest version to the server. if someone logged in with an older version it would offer to upgrade for them. I don;t see that offering now. Can anyone tell me where that went?

UPDATED** even on openfire 3.3.3 there was spark manager. What happened to that plugin?

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Appologies for the spam filter message showing up. I responded to Jeff direclty but the basic issue is that IF there was a plugin for Client Management it does ot show up at this time as a plugin.

As there is still work tuning the plugins to provide ‘Enterprise like’ functions to those of us not with a current license another temporary license would be very helpful to trouble shoot problems like this. I will have to pull plugins completely and place them back one at a time to find out where the issues are.