Error 503 when searching after installing 1.1.3

I installed 1.1.3 yesterday and I am having issues with adding contacts and searching now. I can search in Wildfire (2.5.1) just fine. When I try to search using Spark, I get the error “Search service not available, unable to contact search service”. When I hit F12 to check the debug logs I see “error 503”.

If I try to add a contact that I know is in my AD (Windows 2003), I get “The JID you specified is invalid” I checked in Wildfire and I have search enabled, and I can search from the Admin console without any problems.

Never mind! This morning I upped the Java memory by adding a vmoption file to the bin folder. The numbers for Xms256m and Xmx256m were not matching. I made a typo because I was trying to hurry.