Error code "400"

We have two different stand-alone applications that exchange data through XMPP messaging.

XMPP Server is Jive Messenger. Both the applications use Smack API for XMPP operations. The database is HSQL Database Engine 1.7.3

Recently we upgraded Jive Messenger from version 2.1.5 to version 2.2.0. User and config information are preserved during this process. Here are the steps followed while upgrading:

  1. Download Jive Messenger 2.2.0

  2. Backup “conf” and “security” directories in Jive Messenger (2.1.5) installation

  3. Install the new version of Jive Messenger but do not start it yet

  4. Install Jive Messenger as a service by running messenger-service.exe /install

  5. Copy the backed up “conf” and “security” folders in the new installation folder (over-writing newly created folders)

  6. Start the Jive Messenger Service

Both the applications are able to login into the upgraded Jive Messenger (as noticeable in Jive Messenger admin console). However, when App 1 sends an XMPP message to App 2, following error is returned:

What should we be doing during Jive Messenger upgrade to avoid this error?

I am assuming that this is an upgrade related issue as we did not make major changes in the application code. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Hey kiran,

The error code 400 means that the TO or FROM attributes of the packet are not valid JIDs. Make sure that the username and domain of those JIDs do not have whitespaces, or any other invalid character that doesn’'t follow url= specification[/url].


– Gato

JIDs and server configuration seem ok. As seen in Jive Messenger Admin console, applications are able to login into Jive Messenger with their current JIDs, but not able to exchange messages.

Can there be any other reason apart from malformed JIDs?


I was referring to the JIDs of the exchanged messages. Could you post an example of the JIDs that you are using in those messages?


– Gato

Our application is generating mixed case values for JIDs and that is causing this error.

Thanks a lot.