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<error code="504">Server could not be reached</error> </message>

I have installed JM v1.0.8 on winXP using mySQL database. Our client is Gaim v0.76.

I have registred few users. But registred clients could not send message each other.

Server returns following error in debug window.

jabber: Recv (151):

Server could not be reached

Please help me solve it.

Same problem under Gaim v. 0.81 and JM 1.0.8

Is this a bug or a feature? We are evaluating JM at the moment and need to have compatability with a free (preferably open source) Jabber client that can also handle AIM, Yahoo, etc.

(I haven’'t tried 1.1 Beta yet)


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Message was edited by: MikeApp


Check if you are using the server name or it’'s IP address. Your JM server should be configured with the server name and not the IP address. Also when using a client you should connect using the server name.


– Gato

I am using the server name in client and server. The error occurs only in the process of requesting authorization to talk to another user. Once authorization has been granted (e.g., using the Exodus client), we are able to chat.

File transfer in Gaim also seems broken.


Could you post the XML packets that the clients are sending and receiving? It’'d be great also if you can check if you have the same problem with the release candidate version.


– Gato

User error!

I didn’'t realize that the screen name needed to be followed by “@hostname”. Authorization requests are working.