Error connection closed before session established

Hi All.

Just stated using Wildfire and Xiff, with a bit of work and a virtual crowbar I have flash clients talking to each other, other jabber clients, etc… However, when I close the window containing the flash client Wildfire (3.0.1) always throws me:

2006.08.13 17:57:48 04) Connection closed before session established


in the error log. Any thoughts?

still getting:

2006.09.13 13:37:46 04) Connection closed before session established

in 3.1.0 beta… ANY help would be appreciated

no help, but I am getting these errors all the time in 3.1 beta3

"Once a client has authenticated with a server and has authorized a full JID,

it SHOULD request that the server activate an instant messaging session for

the client. This is accomplished by means of the

‘‘urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-session’’ namespace:"

I think wildfire is replacing SHOULD with MUST and that is why the error is getting thrown to the log. Can this be fixed via the wildfire server to not REQUIRE a session? I dont believe there is an exposed way via xiff to say connection.session.start() to fix it from that side

Hey guys,

That message is more an info message than an error message. That message will appear when a socket connection to the server was closed before a session has been established. The reason why the socket was closed is not explained in that message. One thing you can do is check if there is any other previous error to this message. If nothing is there then options are: 1) client closed connection, 2) server closed connection or 3) there was a parsing problem.


– Gato