Error creating outgoing S2S connection to ejabberd with dialback

Update: Sorry, just found out that it is a know problem: (maybe someone could set this topic sticky)

After the 3.7.0 update, my openfire server is unable to create connections to an ejabberd server with dialback. I am not sure if it’s a bug that came with 3.7.0 or if it’s because the update (re-)enabled server dialback.

It looks like the remote server is sending a stanza when it should send an stanza.

Here are the logs:

2011.03.31 12:29:45 LocalOutgoingServerSession: OS - Trying to connect to lookup:

2011.03.31 12:29:45 LocalOutgoingServerSession: OS - Plain connection to successful

2011.03.31 12:29:45 LocalOutgoingServerSession: OS - Going to try connecting using server dialback with:

2011.03.31 12:29:45 ServerDialback: OS - Trying to connect to lookup:

2011.03.31 12:29:45 ServerDialback: OS - Connection to successful

2011.03.31 12:29:45 ServerDialback: OS - Sent dialback key to host: id: 4157259758 from domain:

2011.03.31 12:29:45 ServerDialback: OS - Unexpected answer in validation from: id: 4157259758 for domain: answer:<stream:features xmlns:stream=“”></stream:features>

Does anybody else experience this?