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Error in Monitoring Plugin " Archive Index rebuild failed. "

Using Openfire 4.1.3 on Ubuntu Server v16.04.01 and Mysql v 5.7.17

Using Monitoring Service plugin, and when acessing the settings I receive an error. User can`t see any history chat


i’am facing the same problem, just after updating openfire to newest version

I’m experiencing the same issue as well. It seems as though the monitoring plugin is working fine though. I can click rebuild index and see it go from 0 to 100% within seconds but refreshing the page it comes back with the same message.

My understanding is that this issue is an User Interface bug only, but do not know for sure.

archiving work only when i’am logged in to server via admin page, no matter what i’am doing there, if not logged for a while it’s not saving conversation history.

Reinstaled openfire on a Debian 8 enviroment, and stilll receiving this error =/

[OF-1334] Monitoring Plugin displays “Archive index rebuild failed” - IgniteRealtime JIRA should be fixed soon!

Just restart the openfire server and rebuild again… it’s work for me

It works for me when I restarted the Monitoring Service Plugin.