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Error in receiving any custom IQ packet with the type SET in Smack 4.3.0

  • The Smack version: 4.3.0

I have upgraded Smack library to 4.3.0.
Since then I have a problem in receiving custom IQ packet with the type of SET from OpenFire in client side.
The IQ packet I am receiving from OpenFire is:

14:55:56.888 11436-12082/appPackageName D/SMACK: RECV (0):<iq
type="set" id="950-48"><query

And the response from client side to OpenFire:

14:55:56.893 11436-12081/appPackageName  D/SMACK: SENT (0): <iq
id='950-48' type='error'><error

The problem is in the Method (invokeStanzaCollectorsAndNotifyRecvListeners) in the (AbstractXMPPConnection ) class. In this method whenever receives any IQ packet with the type SET, it sends an ErrorIQ in response and never trigger the listeners. should I change the IQ packet type to something else in the Openfire side or I am doing something wrong???

You need to register a IQ request handler if you want to handle IQ requests.