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Error in the French translation for Spark


There are some problems with spark_i18n_fr.properties :

  • “message.is.typing.a.message = {0} tappe son message…” is not used in the application. The message is always “…is typing a message…”

  • “menuitem.plugins = &Plugins” : problem with ‘&’

  • “menuitem.add.groupchat.invitetobookmark” is not present

Thank you

  1. Is not related to French. Not working for any language. Filed as [SPARK-1949] Not using chat state translations for non English languages - IgniteRealtime JIRA

  2. Will remove & from French and all the other translations. Plugins menu is generated differently and can’t use & for Alt commands. [SPARK-1950] Remove & from Plugins menu translations - IgniteRealtime JIRA

  3. This is up to contributors to provide missing translations. Preferably as pull requests at GitHub - igniterealtime/Spark: Cross-platform real-time collaboration client optimized for business and organizations.