Error On Connection - SASL authentication

Hello everyone,

I’m new with all of XMPP environment.

I’m using c# .Net to connect to my XMPP server.

i created a new test user called “eli101” in openfire user.

I did not gave openfire a host name and i connect with his ip address

In .Net i’m using the S22.Xmpp extension from NuGet.

My App Server is windows and my openfire server is linux

this is my code :

string host = My Host Ip; //No Host Name

string username= “eli101@il3lv6809” ; //As it is written in “xmpp.domain”

 string password ="12345";

 bool ssl = "true";                                        //I also try it with false

XmppClient client = new XmppClient(host, username, password, 5222, ssl);

if (client == null)
LastException = new Exception(“Error 1”);
catch (Exception ex)
LastException = ex;

Every attempt I make, I get the same error.

I wiil appreciate any help.