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Error Open Fire Service

Good afternoon,

I have the following problem, I use open fire, I installed a linux virtual machine, inside the hyperv, I already use it for a long time, no problem, but today it’s tomorrow, but the service keeps working, well I do not understand Linux much Which could do in this case, follows the error screen.

Hi, i had the same problem running ubuntu 16, something related disk error (i/o). I did a new installation, i think this error is related with your virtual solution (hyper-v). Try to find if has any command to fix errors inside your virtual hard drive.

Do you have any other options? To solve this?

Hi, i searched your problem over the internet and i have bad news, this problem is related with your storage hardware, i think there is no option to fix your problem, you should create another machine and try to copy your configs.

I understand, for now it’s working, how can I backup open fire via browser?

Hi, how is your installation?

openfire + internal db

openfire + external db

openfire + internal db + ad

openfire + external db + ad

I think this is the one I use the ad yes follows the print of the rest.

openfire + external db + ad

Hi, according your information, your openfire was installed using internal database. Can you take another print from: (Servidor - Configurações do Servidor) ?

Are you a brazilian right, because i’m, i can speak Portuguese.

Good afternoon, is marked Directory Server (LDAP) - Integrate to a directory server such as Active Directory or OpenLDAP using the LDAP protocol. Users and groups will be stored in the directories and will be treated as read-only.

I think it’s timing with ad, because when new users enter I create in ad and it already appears alone in the open fire chat.

Hi, ok, if you have that integration, you can create a new machine, your users will be imported, you will need to do a few things:

  • Plugins.

  • Share-groups.

I think is it, but you will lost your history (chat-conversations).

Good luck.

I install another linux and back up the schema as, how can I do it by command line or phaco via software?

Hi, where you from?

I can help you to install another virtual machine, do you prefer to use linux or windows?

I’m from São Gonçalo, RJ well it would be remote program? In relation to what I have is linux, however linux do not know mecher … I am grateful with your attention that has given. Windows is easier to do maintenance right? But Linux gives less trouble, does not it?

Amigo, pode falar português aqui, esse é o fórum do Brasil, eu já escrevi alguns documentos de instalações linux ou windows com o serviço do openfire:




Sobre sua pergunta, você pode aproveitar o teu servidor de AD, que é Windows Server, e colocar o serviço do openfire nele, assim você não precisa instalar nada adicional, apenas o banco de dados externo se assim optar.

Hi, you can speak Portuguese here, this is our brazilian forum, i already wrote some documents with the instructions to install some S.O distribution, check here:




About your question, you can use your domain controller to install this openfire service, so you don’t need to create another machine, you only need to install some database program if you want to.