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Error starting/configuring server - "openfire.xml must be writeable"

I installed OpenFire on Red Hat Linux. Then I started it manually using openfire.sh.

I subsequently found out that it had been installed as a service and that I probably should have launched it using /etc/init.d/openfire … it worked and I was able to configure it and connect to the server.

However, then I rebooted the server to make sure the service restarted. When I connect with the admin console it tries to have me configure the server all over again … and then fails saying openfire.xml must be writeable.

It appears that the openfire server is running as daemon and not root so I suspect some files got created as root when I launched it directly as root … and now daemon can’'t access them. What I need to know is which files might have been affected besides openfire.xml … I notice quite a few files belong to root, but obviously the server only needs to read many of them. What should I do to fix this? Or is it safer to just uninstall the package and reinstall?


Bill Bailey

The entire directory needs to be owned by the user that is running openfire.

Meaning if you installed openfire in /usr/local/openfire and its running as the user daemon then you need to change the ownership for /usr/local/openfire and its contents (aka -r) to daemon.