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Error "The JVM Could not be started"

Hello to all users of this forum!

I am new to this community and am requiring your help.

I have several users on a domain with AD and permissions.

There is a particular user who had been using the Spark client normally, until one day the following message appeared:

“The JVM Could not be started. The main method May have thrown an exception”

Has been tried uninstalling and installing the Spark client, but the problem persists.

Any helñp would be welcome.

Greetings !


Im by no way an expert but have setup my own openfire server and spark client

Tried to get help here myself but support was lacking so feel for you

What version of java is on the clients machine, was it recently removed by the user?

Thanks for answering my friend!

Java was not removed from the PC, yet another indication that Java is installed on that PC is that OpenOffice 3.3 is running properly … it even stranger is that the PC was switched places and before being off work all correctly …

Thanks for your time!

Did you use the install with or without the JRE?

JRE is installed with IM client

someone who can help me?