ERROR: transport error 202: handshake failed

These are my first steps with wildfire. I tried to build the source and then start up wildfire, but I got an error message when pointing my web browser to localhost:8000. I get the same by just port scanning my computer.

$ svn co wildfire

$ cd wildfire/build

$ ant

… compiling output, looks ok…

$ ant run

Buildfile: build.xml


Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 8000

Wildfire 3.2.0 Alpha 0

When pointing the web browser to localhost:8000 I get this:

ERROR: transport error 202: handshake failed - received >?g < - excepted >JDWP-Handshake< [“transport.c”,L41]

JDWP exit error JVMTI_ERROR_NONE(0): could not connect, timeout or fatal error

Did I do something wrong or is trunk just somewhat unstable?



you must not send a HTTP request but a JDWP-Handshake which is simply “JDWP-Handshake” without any GET or HTTP/1.0 in it. See l for more information.

I’'m not sure why you want to connect to this port, port 9090 works fine for a web browser.


Ah, so it was 9090 I should go for, thanks. I often use 8xxx for web stuff, so I thought… well, one shouldn’‘t think but I actually didn’'t find any pointers about this.

But I still don’'t think the jabber server should crash if I or anyone else port scans my computer or tries to browse to somedomain:8000.



actually you should not open the debug port on a production server. But I agree that Sun could improve their JVM not to exit when one connects to the JDWP port and sends non-JDWP packets, maybe this is already fixed in Sun’'s 1.6.0_beta2 release.