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Error when adding files in conference room.

Hello, good morning,

I have created a conference room and the moderator when trying to send an attachment I get the error: “upload failed” this happens with any type of file. I appreciate your help for a solution.

I will try to help you, please provide:
-Spark client version
-Openfire server version
-Log file, it is located here %appdata%\Spark\logs
-And also a screenshot of the error

Hello good afternoon

Spark client version: 2.9.4
-Openfire server version: 4.7.3
-Log file, it can be found here %appdata% “Spark” logs
-And also a screenshot of the error

errors.log.0 (174,4 KB)
warn.log.0 (67,8 KB)

For uploading files in a room to work, you must have the HttpFileUpload plugin installed on your Openfire server

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Thank you for your cooperation,
it has already worked!