Error when logging in to SparkWeb on Open Fire

Users are having issues logging in thru sparks web to open fire

they cant log in if they have avast running, they also cant login if they use a tmobile wireless card

they get the same error as if they used a wrong password

Check if the antivirus is blocking any ports. Mcafee does!

there is nothing in avast thats blocking anything, here is a forum thread on avast refrence to the issue

could it be something in openfire or sparkweb?

What web server did you use to mount sparkweb? IIS, apache, etc…??

I’d also stop all avast processes and try to connect…

if i stop avast then it works,

iirc its in IIS

anything on sparkweb or openfire that can be changed or edited to allow connections even if avast is connected? because im also noticing that some who use T Mobile Web Stick are experiencing the problem of logging in

i do have 2 Wireshark traces that show one succesfull login with avast disabled, and one unsuccesfull login with avast Enabled, if anyone who can look into it can inspect those files and maybe find what might be wrong, any help would be appriciated

I think in such case it is always better to configure antivirus software to let connections through. Maybe you can add exception in Avast. I don’t think changing ports in Openfire will change anything and i can’t think of anything else you can change to “fool” your antivirus.

offtop, nowadays antivirus software is really PITA. Often i have to fight with false detections and create various exceptions for legitimate software and spam support requiring to fix their definitions (Symantec…).

if Avast is disabled then it works, if i just add the IP to the trusted list then it doesnt work

so i dont know if its how Avast is trying to login and openfire=sparkweb sees it differently therefor its blocking it?

also using a T Mobile Web Stick to get access to the internet, is blocking logging on

how can i trouble shoot this?

Maybe it is not a firewall (if avast has one, i don’t remember it to havea firewall) but Avast is blocking some type of activity. Maybe you should ask on Avast forums.

I did ask on avast forums, here is the link

there you can see what avast say’s