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Error when users bookmark a conference room - 3.3.1

Hello all,

this may be a Spark client issue but I am also seeing the following in the server logs.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a permanent conference room.

  2. Login and bookmark that room with the Spark client - 2.5.3

  3. When a user bookmarks the conference room in Spark I see the an error message in the server logs and the client drops until it re-connects. (logs below)

  4. When the Spark client reconnects the conference room has been bookmarked and can be used as normal. However, when the user quits the Spark client and restart the conference room does not persist and the above steps must be repeated.

Is this an issue with the room name containing the ‘’&’’ character??? I am at a loss for this?

Error Log (same result each time room is bookmarked).

2007.06.15 08:25:53 org.jivesoftware.openfire.nio.ConnectionHandler.messageReceived(ConnectionHandle r.java:134) Closing connection due to error while processing message:



Try to replace & in room name to ' and all should be fine =)

Yup, I had to replace the & character to prevent problems. Might be some errors in XML escaping…?


general rule of thumb for configuring any network based server: only use alphanumeric, dashes, and underscores in the naming of path, accounts, groups etc. You are less likely to generate errors. Spaces can be parsed but I also avoid them where possible.