Error while logging into Spark

Can’'t connect to server: invalid name or server not reachable.

We are running a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition and I am trying to connect to our public ip but having problems…

I am sure that something is wrong at server side.

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Can’'t connect to server: invalid name or server not


This describes what problem you have. You are specifying wrong server name or server is not reachable (blocked by firewall maybe?). Have you opened 5222 or 5223 ports in Windows firewall of your server? Maybe some other things are blocking your server to access “open water” internet. Routers, firewalls etc. And you should describe your network configuration. Because now you havent specified any valuable info to help you.

network configuration like? I mean what information u want?

Thanks for replyig

What i mean is that you should explain how everything is setup and how are you trying to connect. I was asking about network because you mentioned you are trying to connect to public IP. I nderstand this as an external IP. Am I right? But maybe this machine doesnt have direct connection to internet, maybe there is some router/etc. on the way, maybe you have to forward ports on the router to this machine to be able to connect with Spark. So, describe how this machine with Wildfire installed is connecting to internet. Or explain what “public IP” means if i’'ve got you wrong.

And you havent answered about firewalls.

Hi Deepak,

do you have a problem with Spark or with Wifi? The subject is a little bit confusing.

Does your Wifi server has a DNS record entry so one can lookup the name (just like - using the IP address will fail)?

Can you login with Spark using the internal IP address? You should have an internal DNS server which returns the internal IP for the also public resolvable name.