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Error with s2s communication

Hey guys, I can’'t seem to chat with other Jabber servers in the world…

In the “Logs” I see this:

Error creating secured outgoing session to remote server: vorpalcloud.org(DNS lookup: domain.org:5269)

org.xmlpull.v1.XmlPullParserException: could not determine namespace bound to element prefix stream (position: START_DOCUMENT seen stream:error@1:14)

I have my settings et to “Anyone Allowed to connect” and it “Enabled” on port 5269.

Can anyone shed some light for me?

Hey Travis,

Are there more errors or info in the log files? The server will first try to use TLS for s2s (i.e. secured connections between servers) but if that fails then the server dialback method is going to be used as a fallback method. You may want to enable the debug log to gather more information.

Moreover, there are 2 things you have to be check:

  1. Port 5269 is opened in your firewall. You can try doing a telnet to your server at port 5269 and check if the port is opened.

  2. Your server name should be registered in the DNS server so that other servers can perform DNS SRV lookups and find the real address and port to use to connect to your server.


– Gato