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Errors in admin console - Wrong IPs


I have setup two JiveMessenger servers on a single machine. This machine has 2 IP adresses, so I use one for each JiveMessenger server,say:

Jive A not secured: AA.BB.CC.101:5222

Jive B not secured: AA.BB.CC.102:5222

I used xmpp.socket.plain.interface and xmpp.socket.ssl.interface properties, and it works well. netstat shows that the configuration is right.

But in the admin console (server-properties.jsp), the 2 servers are said to use the same IP/port for “no ssl connections” (AA.BB.CC.101). Is this bug already known ? If not, could you fix it ?

Futhermore, S2S is not working well with this kind of config. User on server jiveA can send messages to another user on server jiveB, but the user on server jiveB cannot answer (“one way” communication only).

Thanks a lot for your great work.