Errors while building from source

I want to generate an Openfire RPM for RHEL4, with a small patch for LDAP groups in rosters.

I have a CentOS 4.7 box, on which I’ve installed:

  • jdk-6u7-linux-i586-rpm.bin from Sun
  • ant-1.6.5-4jpp.noarch.rpm from JPackage, and its dependencies from the CentOS DVD :
  • java-1.4.2-gcj-compat-devel-
  • ecj-2.1.3-5.i386.rpm
  • katana-2.0.0-1.noarch.rpm

I have export’ed JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/jdk1.6.0_07/bin in my .bash_profile and source’ed it.

I have un-tar.gz’ed openfire_src_3_5_2.tar.gz, and cd’ed to openfire_src/build, in order to launch ant openfire, but I had these errors:

/usr/bin/build-classpath: error: Could not find jaxp_parser_impl Java extension for this JVM
/usr/bin/build-classpath: error: Could not find xml-commons-apis Java extension for this JVM
/usr/bin/build-classpath: error: Some specified jars were not found
Buildfile: build.xml

[mkdir] Created dir: /home/openfireadmin/openfire_src/work
[mkdir] Created dir: /home/openfireadmin/openfire_src/work/overlay/classes

[mkdir] Created dir: /home/openfireadmin/openfire_src/work/classes
[javac] Compiling 583 source files to /home/openfireadmin/openfire_src/work/classes

/home/openfireadmin/openfire_src/build/build.xml:278: Unable to find a javac compiler; is not on the classpath.
Perhaps JAVA_HOME does not point to the JDK

Total time: 0 seconds

What did I forget?



this is what u need, depending for whitch processor do u have …

For me it’s only working when I set


(without “bin”)