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Escaped characters appear in room configuration

If I create a room called “the hunt” escaped to “the\20hunt”, I am receiving the escaped version in, the configuration instructions, the room name field, and the description field. My question is could the be changed to return the escaped version? My reasoning is that the user creates the room with the name “the hunt” and it is undesirable for them to see the escaped version as perhaps they may think this is a bug or just may not understand whats going on. Or is this something I will need to handle on the client side?

I should not that handling it in the client, at least for me, would be fairly difficult as my configuration form gui is created dynamically without knowing any of the particulars about the different fields being presented.

And here is an example of the configuration packet i receive from messenger:


Thanks, I’'ve filed this as JM-449.


It should also be noted that the same applies when querying a room’'s information via disco: