Evaluating Fastpath -- Need to solve issues before buying

I’‘m running the 30 day trial of Fastpath, I like the product, but having issues with queues and workgroups._ I’'ve got my quote, and ready to buy it_, but need to solve these issues first. What it boils down to is routing issues.

I’‘d like to set up 1 workgroup with 3 queues, and also allow our customers to be able to specifically select an agent from the queue. (NOTE: agents only belong to one queue.) If that specific agent isn’'t available route it to their dept. queue, or even give them a message saying that agent is busy.

I’‘ve tried a couple different things, but none have worked correctly. I’‘ve done the obvious things, and checked logic, variable spelling/case, and just can’'t fix these issues. It even seems pretty hit and miss with simple routing. Each time the customer goes to the first queue defined, then the next customer goes to the next queue defined, and so on, until it loops back to queue number 1.

Things I’'ve Tried:

  1. Created 3 queues, and tried using the ‘‘agent’’ variable in the form. (With and With-out routing logic for agents.)

  2. Created 3 ‘‘group’’ queues, and then created a queue for each agent. Then set up new variables in the form UI, and then setup routing rules.

  3. I’'ve played around with drop-downs and radio buttons, and neither seem to make a difference.

Any ideas?


that’'s an interesting strategy. Right now there is no functionality that allows a customer to select a specific agent. The only thing I can think of would be to create multiple workgroups and have different links on the page. This would get rid of the whole queue issue altogether.

Also, you can set up fastpath so that it does pop-up a “no agents are availabe, enter information to send them an email” window.

The routing for queues should be,

All requests go into the first queue. If the first queue is busy (depending upon setting), either a pop up window appears for email, or the user is overflowed to the next flow selected in the queue. This then happens again in the next queue.

I hope this answers your questions.

My issues aren’‘t with getting things set up, they are that the routing doesn’‘t follow the rules correctly. I’‘ve got 3 queues setup, and 3 routing rules. Depending on which queue they select in the form UI they are routed to the queue using the routing rules. None of the queues are allowed to rollover. But it seems that it’‘s ignoring the routing rules, and just dropping convo’'s into the random queues.

Not to mention, you should be able to specifically route to an agent in a queue. According to the Fastpath Web UI you can use the ‘‘agent’’ variable and it suppose to go to that agent if they are available, if they are not available it goes to the next user in the queue.

I’‘m confused why you say you can’‘t route customers to specific queues? Isn’‘t that what queues and routing rules are for? Putting departments in separate workgroups doesn’'t allow you to transfers customers to different departments.

My setup:

Workgroup 1: MyCompany

Queue 1: Sales

Queue 2: Tech Support

Queue 3: Shipping

Each queue has approx. 5 users in it. I have a link that says “Click to Chat”, and then it pops up the Fastpath form, they enter their info, and then select a variable named “department” I then use the routing rules to look at department and then put it in the right queue.


Sorry for the delay in responding. This is actually a bug, which our developer is working on now. This should be fixed in our next release.


Rereading this thread, I think I misunderstood your problem.

Using the latest version of Wildfire (3.1.1) and Fastpath (3.1.2), I can create a custom drop field, and create routing rules based on the custom field, to route to different queues within a workgroup. This works successfully (just tested it), so please let me know if this is your issue.

I cannot however route requests to agents within a queue–is this your problem?

If you cannot do what I explained above, what version of Fastpath are you using? Also, would you see if there is any pertinent information in your log files? Finally, would you take screenshots of your queues and routing rules and attach them here?

I’'m using 3.1.1 and 3.1.2, and have it working with 3 queues, but I also want to use the agent variable.

I’‘ve got screenshots, but don’'t know how to post them to this forum?


OK–that’'s a bug. There is documentation stating that there is an agent variable, when in fact there is no agent variable.

If you want to send to a specific agent, I recommend creating one agent queues. However, agents can only log into one queue in Spark so they would not be able to log into a “department” queue as well.

Sorry for the confusion!

I’‘ve tried to set up separate queues for each agent, and it doesn’'t seem to work. I will delete the plugin, and fully reinstall it.

Is there any plans to get the ‘‘agent’’ variable working on the next version?

I have logged this as a bug, with an id of: ENT-39.

Would you attach screen shots to show me your queue and routing configuration? I tested this internally and it works. The process is:

  1. Have a field that the routing makes rules against (for example agents).

  2. Create a routing rule so that each agent drop down option goes to a different queue.

  3. Now when a user selects an agent, that user will be routed to that queue, and will follow the appropriate overflow rules… here’'s the BUT…

If a user does not select ANY agent, then the user will be randomly routed to any queue, as no routing rule is applied.

I hope this helps!