Every once in awhile, one Openfire user out of hundreds has this issue at our company. Can't resolve!

Hi everyone,

Strange issue that drives me crazy because I don’t know what’s happening. We run Openfire 3.5.1 (on Windows Server 2003) and use Pandion and Spark as our IM clients. Sometimes, just sometimes, when I create a new user in Active Directory, or we point people to another Openfire server temporarily so we can service our main Openfire server, we’ll get a small handful of people at our company, that immediately upon signing into Pandion, they see this message:

Welcome to Pandion!

Add someone to your contact list


Configure the network transports

This never happened to these users before, and their account in Openfire and Active Directory are EXACTLY the same as everyone else’s. I’ve tried everything I can think of including deleting their Pandion folder from their Windows XP Profile, having them switch to another computer, cleared Cache on the Openfire server, restart the Openfire server, remove them from a predefined IM group in Active Directory and adding them back in. Nothing seems to make this message go away when they login to IM. I can’t figure out why this happens to some people, and not the other 800 people that use OpenFire w/ Pandion just fine. Everyone else sees all the Shared Groups we have.

Any ideas or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated

Thanks so much.

Hey apple-valley-admin,

What happens if those users try logging in with another client? It seems to me that this is a Pandion issue that for some reason fails to get the roster from the server. You can press F12 in Pandion to open the XML debugger window and monitor the traffic with the server. I would recommend posting this question in Pandion’s forums. May be other people experienced the same problem too?


– Gato