Example plugin does not work

Hello everyone.

I am a new comer for Spark plugin development, so my first step is to try the simplest thing: copy “example.jar” provided by the development guide into my spark/plugin driectory.

But oops… nothing happen…WHY??

I run Spark 2.6.3 on windows vista. Many thanks to anyone who pays attention to this post.

look at the log files

Thank you!

According to your advise, I view error.log in \logs. Something strange happens.

The log shows an error:“Unable to load plugin com.mypackage.ExamplePlugin.”

However, there are no jar file in \plugins directory called “com.mypackage.ExamplePlugin”.

The example plugin I dropped into the directory is “com.jivesoftware.spark.examples.ExamplePlugin”

It seems that Spark is looking for a not-existing plugin, while my plugin ignored…

Check your plugin.xml file

Excuse me for the bothering…

I had uninstalled Spark, deleted directory “spark” and everything in it, and reinstall Spark software, but when I ran the new Spark, the same error “Unable to load plugin com.mypackage.ExamplePlugin.” showed up again.

I had NOT drop any self-developed plugin into the directory, it was a completely new,clean installation.

Do spark “memorize” what plugin “should” be loaded somewhere other than install directory? many thanks.

remove example.jar and the example folder from