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Examples of Tor config for Openfire

Does anyone have an example of how to configure Openfire to work with Tor?

I cover cyber related issues for the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium, there are about a dozen of us spread across the U.S., Europe, and Africa. We have a lot of reasons to put up a Jabber server that doesn’t reveal its location by the IP address it uses.

Some of us already use Tor and we thought it would be easy to provide Openfire as an onion. We have no trouble creating and using an onion for ssh. We have no trouble creating an ssh tunnel to carry XMPP. These could be combined, but that means shell accounts for anyone who needs to access the system, which pretty much defeats the reason for putting it on Tor in the first place.

We can’t be the first ones to want to do this and it must be some simple thing we missed. Does anyone have a torrc or tips on how to coax Openfire into behaving when it’s accessed via Tor?

As XMPP uses a persistent connection it may be better to use the HTTP-Bind. This could work OOTB.