Exe to msi converter

Seeing as the msi installer for spark 2.5.8 has numerous issues, I am looking to convert the existing 2.5.8 online exe to an msi I can deploy. I don’t need any customizations, etc. just an msi that works as well as the exe. MTS used the emco product, which seems to be about 500 bucks, I tried Wininstall lt which somes with windows 2000 server to no avail, and am wondering if anyone out there has used anything that is free or very inexpensive to accomplish the same thing? The msi just seems to be so different. i.e. duplicate names in roster, “log out” does not restart the program, different icon, can run spark.exe multiple times, etc. Any advice is appreciated,

I use advanced installer http://www.advancedinstaller.com/

they have a free version and the paid version starts at $249

Trying out the trial and the repackage option. I use all defaults and get this error when trying to repackage spark 2.5.8 online.exe.

Is there anyone willing to just package the 2.5.8 online exe as an msi and send it to me or post is somewhere…Is this breaking the terms of the software or anything?

I would not think a repackage as an MSI would violate any agreements.